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Here for Your Furry Friends under 20lbs


Our Daily Schedule


6am: First potty break & snuggling time while the owner is having her coffee!
7am: Breakfast for all!
7:30am-8:30am: Morning playtime & exploring in the backyard
9am: Picking up the Daycare kids
10am: Playtime for all!
12:30pm: Midday nap while the owner is catching up on emails, facebook photos, phone calls etc.
2pm-5pm: The fun begins again: wrestle, train, run, wag, chase, poop, jump, yip, pant, tug, tag, sundeck, jog, sniff, yap, fetch, pee, sit, stay, treat and repeat. While some like to take it easy and lounge...
5pm: Dinner time! Yay!
5:30pm: The Daycare kids are going home, oh no!
6:30pm: Potty break
7pm-9pm: "Quiet time" to help everyone wind down after an exciting day.
9:30pm-10pm: Last potty break and tucking in with lots of good night's kisses!
Let's do it all over again tomorrow! :)

Doggies Heaven on Earth offers 


An entire day for your pup(s) to interact & play, run, explore, dig, chase, fetch, cuddle, jump, climb, lounge and repeat in a very natural & quiet setting.

Free Pick up/Drop off in the Duvall & Redmond Ridge areas on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays only

Daycare on weekends is also available with drop off/pick up directly at the property

Daily pictures/videos of your pup's adventure at "Doggies' Heaven" posted on Facebook.

Send me an email to set up a day of fun for your pooch:


Your dog's home away from home where your best friend will make new furfriends and will get the one on one special attention he/she craves so much. Plenty of toys, slides, tunnels in a beautiful country setting with ample outdoor space for the dogs to relax and run around.

Peace of mind knowing your furfriend will have 24 hour supervised attention, comfort of a real home, and ultimate pampering where everyone gets to nap on a couch, bean bag or papasan chair and cuddle with me at night.

Daily pictures/videos of your pup's adventure at "Doggies' Heaven" posted on Facebook.

Send me an email to inquire about pricing and schedule a play-cation for your pooch:

Thanks for submitting!



Come and Play

Monday - Sunday: 8am - 6pm

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