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It all started back in September 2005 when I moved to Brighton, UK and decided to change my career and pursue my dream of working with dogs. I started by volunteering for "DogsTrust", the UK's largest dog welfare charity. Three months later, I was offered a position as a "Canine Carer". This is where I learned all the basics and this is also where I learned that it was a very hard job not only physically but emotionally. However, I never regretted my decision of leaving the Hotel industry after 7 years.

I moved back to Seattle, WA a year later and worked for several dog boarding places such as "The Barking Lounge", " The downtown dog lounge", and "Petsmart's PetsHotel" until I got hired as an "Animal Assistant" by "VCA Redmond Animal Hospital" in February 2007, which, as far as working with dogs, was my ultimate goal. This is where I learned so much about dogs from nutrition to behavior and medical care. This is also where "Doggies' Heaven" came to life...

It was before Thanksgiving 2007 when a client came up to me and asked if I could watch his two mini pins, whom I adored. Of course, I said yes and this was the beginning of my small dogs business called "Doggies Heaven". 

At that time, I was still living in Newcastle but, as I got busier, I had to find a better accommodation for the dogs and I where we would be more secluded. This is how I ended up in Duvall, which provides us with everything we really needed on top of country living. This is where the dogs can truly be dogs and this is where I have found happiness & peace. I also hope that this is where "Doggies' Heaven" will thrive even more in the future as this is what I intend to do for the rest of my life. Please note that I have since left my job at the Animal Hospital to focus on "Doggies' Heaven" and to give the dogs my undivided attention.

On a more personal note, I was born in Vic-Fezensac, France which is a small village located in the South of France. When I was 18, I stopped high school after a very serious car accident and moved to the United States to learn American English at "Edmonds Community College" in Lynnwood, WA. At that time, EdCC had a branch in Japan and as I made many Japanese friends while on campus, I decided to go to Japan to learn the language. I moved to Kobe in the fall of 1991 and stayed for 3 years until I decided to move to Spain and learn Spanish, which was one of my other dreams. I soon found out that the Spanish way of life wasn't for me and, 9 months later, moved back to Japan, which I had missed dearly. I stayed until January 1995 which is when Kobe was struck by a very powerful earthquake. I had to leave and moved back to Seattle where I went to "Lake Washington Technical College" to get a degree in Hotel Management so that I could use all the languages I knew. I'm now living in the country with my 5 dogs and, even though the traveling has stopped, my furry kids and all the dogs I care for provide me with even more adventure & fun. :)

My Dogs


Eddie is our latest addition.  He was found in the middle of the night in a rural area and never claimed from "Rompin Paws Rescue" and then moved to Doggies' Heaven where he'll be spending the rest of his golden years.  He's probably a Corgi/Schnauzer mix, around 10 and a very sweet & chill old man.

Zeus & Grandpa
Zeus and Grandpa.jpg

Zeus is a 11 years old Pomeranian and was adopted 2 years ago from a young girl who could no longer keep him.  He's still quite active and has a love affair with Billy, one of our regular boarders.

Grandpa was adopted from the Yakima Animal Shelter a year and half ago.  He's probably around 11 and we're convinced he's a Pom/Hedgehog/Racoon mix!  :P  He was a stray dog who was never claimed and has been the biggest blessing of our lives!


Tito is a failed foster dog back when he was 6 months old!  After spending most of his life with his sister Nina he loved dearly and flying with me to France once, he's now 13 and prefers spending his days snuggling on the couch.


Gypsy is a 12 years old Corgi/Shih Tzu I adopted from a client 11 years ago.  She's our most active family member and absolutely loves playing fetch with our Daycare pups.

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